The Oath of Installation

Here’s a short passage involving two characters: Priestess Diana Poulan and Commander Darleen Hughes, at the conclusion of the Battlestar Rubicon‘s Commissioning Ceremony:

Applause filled the arena as Priestess Diana Poulan addressed the multitude. “And now, may I present the Rubicon’s first Commanding Officer, Commander Darleen Hughes. Please step forward for the Oath of Installation.”
Commander Hughes, who received her official promotion two days previously, rose from her chain and approached the podium. She stood to Poulan’s left, and then the two of them turned to face each other.
Poulan unrolled her scroll reader. “Commander, please raise your right hand and repeat after me.” Hughes did so, and the priestess began. “I, state your name….”
“I, Darleen Alyssa Hughes…”
“…in my capacity as Commanding Officer…”
“…in my capacity as Commanding Officer…”
“…and on behalf of the crew…”
“…and on behalf of the crew…”
“…of the Battlestar Rubicon…”
“…of the Battlestar Rubicon…”
“…solemnly swear to protect and defend the Twelve Colonies of Kobol…”
“…solemnly swear to protect and defend the Twelve Colonies of Kobol…”
“…against all enemies, foreign and domestic…”
“…against all enemies, foreign and domestic…”
“With every fiber of my being.”
“With every fiber of my being.”
“So Say We All.”
“So Say We All!”


As Close To Canon As Possible

When I first saw the following map of the layout of the Twelve Colonies, I instantly felt at home, so to speak:

According to Battlestar Wiki’s entry, this official map was developed by Series Co-Executive Producer and writer Jane Espenson, with help from science advisor Kevin Grazier and graphic designer Geoffrey Mandel, and published by Quantum Mechanix.
It sure would be nice to have the full high-res map for reference, but this will do. That way, you, the reader, will have some conceptualization of the setting.

The Battlestar Rubicon

Let’s get to work! Let me tell you about the Heroic Ship this series is named for.
The Battlestar Rubicon (BS-78) is the Flagship for Battlestar Group 78, and a Valkyrie-class Battlestar. She was commissioned on Colonial Day, 2 BCH, at the Picon Fleet Shipyards.
Commanding Officer: Commander Darleen A. Hughes
Executive Officer: Major Harold Fisk (a cousin to Jack)
Will be updated as official word arrives.
72 Officers
1178 Enlisted
400 Marines
16 dual-mounted turrets
32 heavy dual-function turrets also capable of launching anti-fighter missiles
24 point-defense guns
4 main guns
6 Ship-to-Ship Class D Missile Silos
40 Vipers (two air wings), 12 Raptors (one wing), 4 shuttlecraft
2 Tylium-energized main fusion reactors
4 Sublight drives
2 FTL spin-sync systems
32 RCS thrusters

This should be enough to get everyone started.

What You Will NOT See Here…

After God knows how many years I’ve seen these comparisons, I’ve decided not to do anything of the sort here. These include:
• Galactica vs. Star Trek
• Galactica vs. Star Wars
• Galactica vs. Star Trek vs. Star Wars (aka “Battle Royale”)
I am of the opinion that each of these universes are to be enjoyed separately; the comparisons drive me nuts. Thank you for your understanding.


This is the official blog for the “Battlestar Rubicon” series of books, which I have begun to write. There will be three, and I will be taking on certain elements from the Original BSG Series, which, for one reason or another, were not adapted for the Modern (RDM) setting.
Considering that I have a little bit of time on my hands, I consider this to be a challenge. Stick around!
Oh, and before I forget…here’s a preliminary cover for Book 1: Salvation. The Valkyrie Model used here is courtesy of Newman over at

Thanks for stopping by!