The First Test

“That’s far enough, traitor!”
Traitor?” smiled the lone man amid the phalanx of Centurions, and began to laugh out loud. “Oh that’s a good one!” It took three minutes for him to regain his self-control. “I’m sorry, I’m forgetting my manners. My name is…Cavil. Zed Cavil. This,” he pointed toward the silent Centurions, “is my personal task force that’s here to prevent you from leaving while my little…experiment…runs its course.”
Josephs held his stance. “Are you saying you…are a Cylon?”
“Correct. I don’t have to reiterate what you’ve already figured out on your own, before I arrived.” He began to slowly inch his way toward the gaol. “But I will say this….”
The Constable let fly, and the arrow found its way straight into Cavil’s fedora. “I said, Toaster…that’s far enough!”
“No matter.” Cavil backed off just as slowly. “You’ve survived the first test. There will be two more in the next six days. If you manage to live through those…I will allow you to leave. I give you my word.”