This stands for In My BattleStar Universe, of course. Since this is Fan Fiction, the author gets to pick what he or she wants to add to what’s already been established in whatever series they are writing about, so long as the established continuity isn’t blown away by said addition. BSG is no exception.
First item is this: remember those comm drones from “Act of Contrition,” where one got loose and blew up 13 pilots on the flight deck? Well, IMBSU these drones can not only execute a limited-range FTL jump, but when they get to their destination, they can maintain the rip created by the jump to relay a wireless communication for a limited time, at which point the rip collapses back into normal space, and the internal systems are also burned out, requiring a complete replacement by a recovering vessel.
Alternately, a comm drone can also carry physical messages to the target coordinates and simply wait for the recovering ship to retrieve the message; the FTL drive would have to be refueled and respooled in order to make another jump.
Neat-O, eh!