Yes, it’s time for another intriguing episode of In My BattleStar Universe!
Notice the following photograph of a prop from Caprica:

Now, I wish I could zoom in on the byline. Never mind the typo….
Oh, I forgot something. Notice that headline in column 1? “New Hospital Platform For Genetic Research.” Keep that in mind as the novel progresses, because that will rear its ugly head.
Now, back to the date in question we can’t really see here. The Colonial Calendar utilizes what we know as the Julian Calendar. Some countries in the West started converting over to the Gregorian Calendar in 1582; the Russians used it until 02/01/1918, which was not too long after the Bolshevik Revolution, when it immediately became 02/14/1918! So guess what, the novel will pinpoint certain dates with that convention. For example, IMBSU…Colonial Day will fall upon…the Ides of March!
Hey, why not. This gives a different connotation than the one we’re all used to: the day when Julius Caesar was assassinated by a group of conspirators led by Brutus (Et tu, Brute?)