New BBM Channel!

Hello there! Yes, it’s been a while, I’ve been very very busy in the real world. That said, here’s some welcome news!
I recently got a BlackBerry smartphone (yes, it took me long enough!), and after a couple of months of working with it, I’ve just created my first BBM Channel, welcome to any and all Battlestar Galactica Fans to discuss the show and all of its iterations.
If you have BBM installed on your smartphone, great! If you don’t, visit and grab it from your respective storefront. The channel’s name is: SoSayWeAll! Apropos, wouldn’t you agree!
See you there!


More Tweets

I’ve been Tweeting more lately, with a few juicy tidbits, or at least what I consider to be juicy. Feel free to post your questions, so moments, etc. I look forward to them!


Today is a milestone for Battlestar Rubicon. I finally hit a mark which officially makes it a Novel! I am humbled beyond belief and thankful to The One True God that He has led me to this point.
That said, I still have a ways to go, because there are so many holes I have yet to fill.
A few months ago, while I was in the hospital, I had a chance to write down some of the ideas which were languishing in my brain. A couple of days ago I retrieved that composition book, and transcribed them over to the manuscript. I’m almost done with these transcriptions, which is in itself a miracle because of my cursive writing which has degenerated over the past oh, couple of decades!
Now, to move forward again. Thank you, God!

40,000 Words And Counting!

And I am not done yet…I’ve still got a ways to go. My hope is that when all is said and done and written down…it makes sense and flows naturally, given that I’ve had a Writer’s Block for some time and it finally ended a couple of days ago. There’s only one way to find that out, and when I get to that point I’ll let you know.
In the meantime, without giving too much away while piquing your curiosity at the same time, the section I’m working on deals with a religiously-motivated attack on one of the minor characters. I am also working on probably one of the most difficult passages, which deals with the death of another minor character.
The Fun is just beginning!

Decisions, Decisions

Hello there. It’s been a couple of months…I’ve got a lot on my plate, and that’s why I haven’t been able to post on this subject. So here is an update for you all.
I began this novel in February, and in six and one-half months, I’ve penned approximately 23,000 words. And I have also decided to compile the three books I originally envisioned into just one, with a content of at least 50,000 words, possibly going to 75,000. It’s a little more manageable that way.
So stay tuned. More articles to come. And thank you for your support!

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Menu: Contact

Hello there! This site continues to evolve. I’ve just added a Contact listing to the Main Menu, so if you have any burning questions about the series, that’s where you can go to. Thank you for your support!

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A Most Excellent Organizational Tool

Yes…I have an iPad 2, and they are addicting, not to mention it is much like the device Gina Inviere lugged around when she met Kendra Shaw.
Here’s a great tool which is available called CarbonFin Outliner. Simple. Neat, and aside from the small concern about not being able to adjust the font size, it definitely helps me keep track of the characters, ships, worlds, etc.

For more information, visit CarbonFin’s web site.

What You Will NOT See Here…

After God knows how many years I’ve seen these comparisons, I’ve decided not to do anything of the sort here. These include:
• Galactica vs. Star Trek
• Galactica vs. Star Wars
• Galactica vs. Star Trek vs. Star Wars (aka “Battle Royale”)
I am of the opinion that each of these universes are to be enjoyed separately; the comparisons drive me nuts. Thank you for your understanding.


This is the official blog for the “Battlestar Rubicon” series of books, which I have begun to write. There will be three, and I will be taking on certain elements from the Original BSG Series, which, for one reason or another, were not adapted for the Modern (RDM) setting.
Considering that I have a little bit of time on my hands, I consider this to be a challenge. Stick around!
Oh, and before I forget…here’s a preliminary cover for Book 1: Salvation. The Valkyrie Model used here is courtesy of Newman over at

Thanks for stopping by!