New BBM Channel!

Hello there! Yes, it’s been a while, I’ve been very very busy in the real world. That said, here’s some welcome news!
I recently got a BlackBerry smartphone (yes, it took me long enough!), and after a couple of months of working with it, I’ve just created my first BBM Channel, welcome to any and all Battlestar Galactica Fans to discuss the show and all of its iterations.
If you have BBM installed on your smartphone, great! If you don’t, visit and grab it from your respective storefront. The channel’s name is: SoSayWeAll! Apropos, wouldn’t you agree!
See you there!



I had John Belushi in mind when I wrote this little passage depicting a major fight in the battlestar’s food stores….but it isn’t food they’re going after.
Oh, that, and Bluto has been dead for over thirty years. But oh well. Sucks to be the yellow bellied knuckle dragger who gets drummed out of the Colonial Fleet, but there it is!

40,000 Words And Counting!

And I am not done yet…I’ve still got a ways to go. My hope is that when all is said and done and written down…it makes sense and flows naturally, given that I’ve had a Writer’s Block for some time and it finally ended a couple of days ago. There’s only one way to find that out, and when I get to that point I’ll let you know.
In the meantime, without giving too much away while piquing your curiosity at the same time, the section I’m working on deals with a religiously-motivated attack on one of the minor characters. I am also working on probably one of the most difficult passages, which deals with the death of another minor character.
The Fun is just beginning!


I just ran into a new version of this Internet Classic…and I just got a terrible idea in my mind! But first, here’s the video:

Now, the 64,000-cubit question: Would the Toasters take advantage of this? Discuss.

The First Test

“That’s far enough, traitor!”
Traitor?” smiled the lone man amid the phalanx of Centurions, and began to laugh out loud. “Oh that’s a good one!” It took three minutes for him to regain his self-control. “I’m sorry, I’m forgetting my manners. My name is…Cavil. Zed Cavil. This,” he pointed toward the silent Centurions, “is my personal task force that’s here to prevent you from leaving while my little…experiment…runs its course.”
Josephs held his stance. “Are you saying you…are a Cylon?”
“Correct. I don’t have to reiterate what you’ve already figured out on your own, before I arrived.” He began to slowly inch his way toward the gaol. “But I will say this….”
The Constable let fly, and the arrow found its way straight into Cavil’s fedora. “I said, Toaster…that’s far enough!”
“No matter.” Cavil backed off just as slowly. “You’ve survived the first test. There will be two more in the next six days. If you manage to live through those…I will allow you to leave. I give you my word.”

Good News

“Our history, as you know, began with our mother world of Kobol, where twelve tribes lived together under the guidance of the Gods. But even then, there were those who did not follow the Lords of Kobol. They struck out on their own path, and founded their own Colonies.”
Gasps arose from the audience. “Yes! I said Colonies. Some passages contained in the Scrolls are indeed obscure, yet subtle. They are there to provide Hope for those in despair, as we are right now. The Gods knew that, even with the proscribed warnings, that we would want to find the answers we seek.
“Therefore it is a duty and an obligation for those who know to tell those who do not. It will be a long and arduous journey, fraught with many dangers, but also with great rewards. In the end, it will be worth it.”


If I recall correctly, the Modern Battlestar Galactica series was, for most episodes, rated TV-14. I aim to do the same with this series. I wouldn’t want any young kids reading this stuff because I will get intense when it comes to Violence.
After all, I had nightmares back in the day when certain Cold War movies (such as The Day After or Threads) were shown. I won’t get that graphic, but you get the point.
And then there’s that previous post….

A Different Kind of Apocalypse

WHAT! You’re thinking. How can there be such a thing when the Cylons nuked everything?
Well well well…I knew that’d get your attention.
Hence, the introduction of another character into this milieu: Zed Cavil. He’s a renegade alright. He doesn’t oppose the extermination of Humanity. He just wants to have a little fun first. And he will…at the expense of a little burg on Aerilon named Southchester.
I’ve selected this familiar musical passage from Stephen King’s The Stand (composed by W.G. “Snuffy” Walden) to represent Southchester and the good folks who reside there….

Pay no attention to the Raven…or is that The Walkin’ Dude?