A Slight Malfunction?

“Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. It appears our FTL drives have malfunctioned, and we have jumped to a sector of space not under Colonial control.
It will take approximately an hour to recalculate to our previous position. Thank you for your patience.”


New Promo Photo

Well now! Let’s see who’s paying attention out there!
You’ll also find this on the Twitter page. Oh, and if anyone likes old Barry Gray music, Stay Tuned for the upcoming Promo Video!


Last night I finally began to work with an alternative to Illustrator I purchased some time ago. iDraw is designed around core Mac OS X technologies, and is also available for iOS:

Yes, this is a flying saucer, harkening back to the heyday of the 50s and 60s! It possesses FTL drive and engages jumps along its Z-axis, as opposed to the XY-axes so common among science-fiction ships. And this ship may make an appearance, so stay tuned!

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The Battlestar Rubicon

Let’s get to work! Let me tell you about the Heroic Ship this series is named for.
The Battlestar Rubicon (BS-78) is the Flagship for Battlestar Group 78, and a Valkyrie-class Battlestar. She was commissioned on Colonial Day, 2 BCH, at the Picon Fleet Shipyards.
Commanding Officer: Commander Darleen A. Hughes
Executive Officer: Major Harold Fisk (a cousin to Jack)
Will be updated as official word arrives.
72 Officers
1178 Enlisted
400 Marines
16 dual-mounted turrets
32 heavy dual-function turrets also capable of launching anti-fighter missiles
24 point-defense guns
4 main guns
6 Ship-to-Ship Class D Missile Silos
40 Vipers (two air wings), 12 Raptors (one wing), 4 shuttlecraft
2 Tylium-energized main fusion reactors
4 Sublight drives
2 FTL spin-sync systems
32 RCS thrusters

This should be enough to get everyone started.