I just ran into a new version of this Internet Classic…and I just got a terrible idea in my mind! But first, here’s the video:

Now, the 64,000-cubit question: Would the Toasters take advantage of this? Discuss.


A Different Kind of Apocalypse

WHAT! You’re thinking. How can there be such a thing when the Cylons nuked everything?
Well well well…I knew that’d get your attention.
Hence, the introduction of another character into this milieu: Zed Cavil. He’s a renegade alright. He doesn’t oppose the extermination of Humanity. He just wants to have a little fun first. And he will…at the expense of a little burg on Aerilon named Southchester.
I’ve selected this familiar musical passage from Stephen King’s The Stand (composed by W.G. “Snuffy” Walden) to represent Southchester and the good folks who reside there….

Pay no attention to the Raven…or is that The Walkin’ Dude?

A Distant Sadness

This Season 3 Intro tune brought, and continues to bring, tears to my eyes on multiple occasions. To me, it carries such a profound religious significance, even though it’s sung in Armenian. The translated lyrics:

A distant and familiar sadness calls to us
As if carried on the wind, like burning sand
Brothers and Sisters, away, you endure
Stranded on our own land
A memory etched into soul and skin
Leaves a scar that never heals.
Our family is strong, but scattered
Across the stars and fields
We will not abandon you
We will not forget you
We will return for you.