Yes, it’s time for another intriguing episode of In My BattleStar Universe!

I am so enamored of these particular vehicles, I’ve decided to feature one in the novel! The Ute is, of course, from Down Under. The way the Australians make cars, they can be frakking powerful, and I don’t miss out on that particular aspect when one minor character uses one to escape a certain Apocalypse!


The Battle of Hestia

I’ve been dabbling with this sequence for quite a while. After I got home from work today, I dived into it with some ideas that have been swimming around in my head, and I’m glad I did!
In case you aren’t aware. Hestia is the smallest of the gas giants located in Colonial space, orbiting Helios Delta; Aerilon and Canceron orbit this planet via Lagrangian Points (which, for this novel, I refer to as Libration Points) L4 and L5, respectively. Most of the early action will take place with this triumverate, and I know you’ll look forward to it as well.

New Promo Photo

Well now! Let’s see who’s paying attention out there!
You’ll also find this on the Twitter page. Oh, and if anyone likes old Barry Gray music, Stay Tuned for the upcoming Promo Video!


If I recall correctly, the Modern Battlestar Galactica series was, for most episodes, rated TV-14. I aim to do the same with this series. I wouldn’t want any young kids reading this stuff because I will get intense when it comes to Violence.
After all, I had nightmares back in the day when certain Cold War movies (such as The Day After or Threads) were shown. I won’t get that graphic, but you get the point.
And then there’s that previous post….

As Close To Canon As Possible

When I first saw the following map of the layout of the Twelve Colonies, I instantly felt at home, so to speak:

According to Battlestar Wiki’s entry, this official map was developed by Series Co-Executive Producer and writer Jane Espenson, with help from science advisor Kevin Grazier and graphic designer Geoffrey Mandel, and published by Quantum Mechanix.
It sure would be nice to have the full high-res map for reference, but this will do. That way, you, the reader, will have some conceptualization of the setting.